We are pleased to announce the grand opening of the first ever Hasidic fine art Gallery - a new art gallery in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn NY.

The gallery is located in the Condor Hotel at 56 Franklin Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205.

The Gallery will exhibit works of art by talented Hasidic artists, including works on Jewish History, Hasidic culture, and the sublime wonders of the natural world.

This Gallery will be the first of it’s kind in NY that will provide a unique space for Hasidic professional artists to display their artwork & creativity.

The Gallery’s primary aim is to create a center for Hasidic art in the heart of vibrant Williamsburg, to introduce & educate the greater NYC populace to the thriving Chasidic community.

The Gallery will open a lens & showcase a side to this “hidden insular” community that was not available to the general public prior to this opening.

"Williamsburg is known as a breeding ground for creative energy in the development of art, and this has spilled over to the Chasidic community as well” observes Zalmen Glauber, founder of Shtetl art gallery and an artist himself,  the art will be of Jewish themed sculptures and nature that takes the viewer on an exciting Hasidic journey that is filled with twists and twirls and opens them up to the rich and mysterious world of Hasidism in an imaginative and inspiring way.”